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Abortion rights at risk in Italy due to limitations in access

22 Aug 2022


The actor of the backlash

The form of backlash

Rights at stake and state’s obligations

Access to abortion is blocked in the Marche region in Italy by the far-right “Brothers of Italy” (Fratelli d’Italia) party. Despite the 2020 measure of the health Ministry allowing women to have non-surgical abortions as outpatients until nine weeks of pregnancy, meaning that health clinics were included in the provision of the abortion pill as well now (otherwise solely available in hospitals), the regional council of Marche impeded this measure. Also, in Marche the limit for medical abortions is down to seven weeks of pregnancy, instead of nine weeks as specified by the national policy. This political shift threatens the existence of Law 194, protecting pregnant people terminating their pregnancy in the first 90 days.

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