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Feminists sentenced after protesting against a femicide

22 Feb 2021


The actor of the backlash

The form of backlash

Political trend

Rights at stake and state’s obligations

22 February 2021: Femmes Algeriennes pour un Changement pour l’Egalite (FACE) reported that a group of feminist colleagues were to appear in court on 22 February for manifesting against a femicide, accused of not respecting the “administrative procedures of the sanitary protocol.” On 1 March 2021, a court issued the decision of a fine of 6000 Algerian dinars and a suspended sentence, according to the Founder of the Algerian Women Claim their Rights (FARD) association, Fatma Boufenik, who appears to have been one of the defendants. Boufenik also stated that the sentence was confirmed by the court on 19 April.

See Femmes Algériennes pour un Changement vers l’Egalité, February 2021 and Femmes Algeriennes Revendiquant leurs Droits, April 2021.