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New association created to defend the rights of men in Family Law

1 Jun 2022


The actor of the backlash

The form of backlash

Political trend

Rights at stake and state’s obligations

In June, it was reported that a new organisation entitled the ‘Egyptian Association for Defending the Rights of Men and Children in Egyptian Family Law’ was officially established. The association ‘aims primarily at safeguarding the entity of the Egyptian family and resisting the steady rise of divorce cases in the country’ (quoted from Al-Monitor). It was set up following the decision by the Minister of Justice to establish a committee to review and rework Egypt’s Family Law.

see Al-Monitor, Almasry Alyoum, Aljazeera

Inititatives to support : The Center for Egyptian Women’s Legal Assistance, the Women and Memory Forum, and the Guardianship is My Right campaign launched the Just Family Law campaign in March. For more information, read this Q&A with lawyer Azza Soliman about the current law and their proposed changes. #قانون_أسرة_عادل