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Pegasus Spyware used to target WHRDs, including lawyer and journalist from Jordan

28 Jan 2022

In January, an investigation was published by Access Now and Front Line Defenders detailing the use of Pegasus spyware to target two WHRDs in Jordan and Bahrain. One of these was Hala Ahed Deeb, a human rights lawyer from Jordan, who had her phone hacked by Pegasus spyware since March 2021. A second investigation by Front Line Defenders and Citizen lab published in April revealed that Jordanian WHRD and journalist Suhair Jaradat was also targeted by Pegasus spyware, in addition to another Jordanian WHRD and journalist who preferred to stay anonymous.

The report by Access Now and Front Line Defenders notes that online attacks and surveillance can have particularly harmful effects on women given the conservative societal values and backlash they might face if private photos or conversations are published online.

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Initiatives to support: Hala Ahed Deeb’s profile on Front Line Defenders website; Statement by Access Now; Statement by Coalition for Women in Journalism on Suhair Jaradat