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Proposal to amend Civil Code puts abortion rights at risk.

16 Jan 2023

On January 13, 2023 Senator Roberto Menia from the far-right “Brothers of Italy” party (Fratelli d’Italia) filed a new bill to amend Article 1 of the Italian Civil Code. The amendment would allow to recognize the legal capacity of every human being since conception, instead of the current “from the moment of birth.” Since the establishment of Meloni’s government, the Menia bill is the fourth proposal bill filed as part of “pro-life” views. Another proposal presented by Senator Massimiliano Romeo, from the right-wing “Lega” party, asks the conceived foetus to be “recognized as a member of the family unit for all purposes." If passed into law, such proposals would recognize the foetus as a human being, thereby enabling the possibility to classify pregnancy terminations as murder.

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