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Proposal to repeal LGBTQIA+ rights in the regional government of Madrid

17 Dec 2021


Rights at stake and state’s obligations

The right-wing party Vox proposed to repeal LGBTQIA+ rights to the Autonomous Community of Madrid. Making its debut in the Spanish government after the elections in 2019, Vox proposed a bill to repeal the laws of “Identity and Expression of Gender and Social Equality and Non-Discrimination of the Community of Madrid” as well as “the Integral Protection against LGTBQIphobia and Discrimination for Reason of Sexual Orientation and Identity”, both of which were passed in 2016. Protests against LGBTQIA+ discrimination and mentioned proposal have taken place in Madrid.


Protests erupt against homophobic proposals by far-right Vox party : Peoples Dispatch (December 17, 2021)