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Women's rights checklist

  • Constitution refers to gender equality or non-discrimination
  • CEDAW ratified without reservations
  • Equal rights to pass nationality to child
  • Equal rights to pass nationality to spouse
  • Domestic violence legislation exists (stand-alone)
  • Rape is criminalized (except marital rape)
  • Marital rape is criminalized
  • Law does not allow mitigating circumstances for femicide
  • Law does not include exoneration if offender marries his victim
  • Abortion is legal or not criminalized in the case of rape
  • Sexual harassment is criminalized
  • Adultery is not criminalized
  • Sex work is not criminalized
  • Minimum age of marriage at 18 (with no exception for marriage below 16)
  • No requirement for male marriage guardian for adult women
  • Polygamy is prohibited
  • Equal rights in marriage and divorce
  • Equal rights to guardianship of children
  • Equal rights to custody of children
  • Equal rights to inheritance
  • Women have the right to equal pay for the same work as men
  • Women have the right to equal pay for work of equal value
  • Unlawful to dismiss worker based on her pregnancy or taking maternity leave
  • Maternity leave meets the ILO standard of 14 weeks
  • Legal protections for domestic workers
  • No gender-specific restrictions on women’s work

LGBTIQ+ rights checklist

  • Consensual same-sex sexual conduct is not criminalized:
  • Constitutional provisions prohibit discrimination on the grounds of sexual orientation or gender identity
  • Laws criminalising debauchery/violation family values are not used to repress LGBTIQ+ people
  • Legislation does not prohibit expressions of gender identity
  • Freedom of expression and association for LGBTIQ+ associations
  • Legal gender recognition procedures are available
  • Unnecessary medical or surgical treatment on intersex children is prohibited
  • Marriage is accessible to all
  • Hate-crime/hate speech laws are in place and contain grounds on sexual orientation/gender expression and identity

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